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ModWood is Australia’s answer to eco-friendly, maintenance free decking

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Environmentally Friendly

ModWood is an Australian made and owned composite product made essentially from a mixture of ground sustainable wood waste and plastic. Generally, Milk bottle cannot be recycled, Modwood is the exception to that rule.

Maintenance free simplicity

ModWood has excellent moisture resistance, however it should be noted that ModWood is not designed to “live in moisture” – this will eventually cause swelling, and affect physical properties. Like timber, it is important to provide adequate ventilation to ensure ModWood is able to dry out after being wet. For this reason it is very important to pay attention to clearance on butt joins (end to end), spacing between boards (side by side), and minimum ground clearances.

No more splinters for little feet

The composition of ModWood products means that they will not splinter. This makes them ideal for small children. ModWood undergoes some colour change when exposed to the elements. This will primarily happen during the first couple of months. ModWood products are highly protected against UV radiation. Please note however, UV stabilization is of the plastic component of the product only and does not have a great affect on the fading characteristics.

Tests have shown ModWood has a similar surface temperature to timber of similar colours and finishes. Please note because Black Bean and Jarrah are darker colours, they can get quite hot under foot, especially when new, similar to a dark painted timber decking board. Refer to Technical on Modwoods website for more details.

Modwood Colours

These faces are the difference between the rough textured side and the smooth textured side of the modwood boards. They differ slightly between the two.

The smooth textured side still has a reasonable amount of slip resistance and texture and has the full colour depth to the face.

The rough textured side has the full amount of slip resistance and texture, though it doesn’t have the full colour depth because of its rough face.

Modwood coloured decking boards
Modwood colours Sahara Blackbean Jarrah Silver Gum


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Pro’s and Con’s of using the different textures

Brushed (lighter coloured face).


  • Must be used for decks fully or partially under roof/cover **
  • A more durable finish; suitable under roof/cover & fully exposed areas.
  • A more uniform appeal when under cover
  • Does not show scratches as easily
  • A more “timber-like” surface feel
  • Better non-slip feel in wet areas (e.g. around pools)
  • Heavy scratches may be sanded or wire-brushed out
  • Less colour shift/fade over time – apart from embossing lines fading
  • Surface temperature of brushed feels cooler than the smooth
  • Can more easily take oil based paint or decking stain


  • Susceptible to “fatty” stains due to the exposed wood fibre
  • Will pick up dirt/stains/mould more easily due to wood fibres exposed (these can usually be cleaned)


Smooth (darker coloured face)


  • More “plastic” at the surface gives better resistance to dirt and grime (stays cleaner)
  • A more solid colour


  • For fully exposed deck areas only **
  • Less uniform appeal if installed under roof/cover
  • Smoother surface may feel a bit more plastic
  • Surface temperature will get hotter; especially when new
  • Smoother surface not quite as good for grip (88mm board)
  • Cannot simply give a wire-brushing “touch-up” for scratches
  • Will show a higher degree of fade over the first few months
  • Needs to be well weathered before paint or stain will adhere properly

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Modwood decking ensures longevity in your outdoor decking product. Make sure you use an accredited Modwood installer for your project

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